Types of Ceremonies

Additional Ceremonies – Weddings

Sand Ceremony

This type of additional ceremony can be added to a wedding ceremony – different coloured sand is passed from one container to a main container by yourselves and the guests of your choice – (works very well if you have children from previous relationship) – simply –  the meaning behind this ceremony is that, at the beginning  the sand is separated (the same colour in separate containers) this compares with our lives which are separate prior to the marriage, however by mixing the sand, the grains can never be separated again rather like our lives.

sand cermoeny 2



sand ceremony

Candle Ceremony 

Individual candles are lit prior to the ceremony, these are then used to light one larger candle – meaning is similar to that of the Sand Ceremony.

initmate wedding candle cermony   night wedding



The ‘Knot’ Ceremony  Handfasting

The handfasting ceremony can form part of a traditional  ceremony – usually included immediately after saying your vows.